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Research Papers and Articles

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 Government publications

Legislation, Australian Curriculum, Assesment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and other government publications.


Publication title Author/Source Date
School Assistance Act 2008
Australian Law Dec 2009  
School Assistance Act 2008 - Guidelines DEST Mar 2009  
The Shape of the Australian Curriculum: precis NCB May 2009  
National Curriculum Framing Papers NCB May 2009  
Curriculum Development process ACARA June 2009  
Curriculum Design ACARA June 2009  

The complete list of current ACARA publications is available here: http://www.acara.edu.au/publications.html




Title Author/Source Date Notes
National Curriculum: A Bipartisan Bad Idea The Centre for Independent Studies Author Ross Farrelly Jun 07
Who's afraid of ... the national curriculum? Anne-marie Taplin and Judy Gould Jun 09  

PODCAST: National curriculum debate - October 2006

ABC Radio National - Life Matters Oct 06  
Getting into Action MBWS June 2009 Anne-marie Taplin Jun 09  
RN interview with J Gillard, NC issue.pdf Julia Gillard on Radio National Dec 08  
Transcript 3 Dec 2008 - Schools Assistance Bill - Christoper Pyne - Federal Member for Sturt.mht Transcript on NC issue Dec 08  
Submission to 2020 summit, RSSA re NC debate.mht RSSA 2008  
Alliance for children, Miller & Almonm kindergarten_report.pdf Miller & Almon    
National Curriculum debate, Dr K Donnelly.pdf Dr Kevin Donnolly 2005  
Rethinking national curriculum collaboration Prof Alan Reid 2005  
AISSA Newsletter on the School Assistance Bill AISSA Nov08  


Research Papers

Author/Source Date
Gidley, J. (2002), Holistic Education and Visions of Rehumanized Futures.doc Jennifer Gidley 2002





The overseas experience

I think it would be most useful for us to know the following:

  • Which countries have implemented a national curriculum and how is the Waldorf curriculum recognised within these countries?
  • What has been the affects of the national curriculum on Waldorf schools in these countries?
  • Which country provided the most favourable (read free) implementation for Waldorf schools to do their own thing.
    • I think the major western nations would be of greatest interest, countries Australia generally looks to.
  • What is the actual legislation/rules in this country and what practical freedoms and requirements does this system impose.

I think the above would be useful ground to cover, as when we want to make a case for how we should be treated it would be good to be able to clearly point to which country/ies we wish to model and we can explain directly how the policies of recognition were carried out in those countries.


We know a little about the New Zealand experience and 'special character schools' but we need to know more...


Articles and research on Waldorf education in other countries




Date Notes
How teachers lost their autonomy Guardian Newspaper (UK) March 2009 intense control from central government is hurting schools
A mathematician's Lament Paul Lockhart March 2008 Maths is an Art.. "The most striking thing about this so-called mathematics curriculum is its rigidity."
All our Futures Creativity Culture and Education.pdf Report byNational Advisory body to Secretaries of State, UK 1999 The NAt. Advisory Body was chaired by Prof Ken Robinson, with Susan Greenfield also on the body



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Richie Khoo said

at 8:14 pm on Jun 30, 2009

I really encourage everyone to read 'A mathematician's Lament' a poinant article about how maths at it's heart is a creative and misunderstood artform which is being sterlised in uniform standardised curriculums worldwide. Beautifiul.

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