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Welcome to Waldorf Parents Unite



This site was created for Waldorf parents and other supporters of Waldorf education to come together to ensure new Australian Government's national curriculum does not affect our freedom to enjoy a true Waldorf curiculum in Australian Waldorf schools, and does not compromise the integrity of this unique philosophy which is almost one hundred years old. For a brief backgroud of why this website was started, read The story so far or the overview articles under 'Research papers and articles'.


This website is home to a growing collection of articles, videos and other resources about the issue of the impending national curriculum in Australia, and about Waldorf education in general.


This site is a wiki workspace and is designed for you to edit and participate in building up the knowlege stored here. More on 'What is a wiki' below.


Recent media

19 June 2009 Gillard outlines the similarities between the reform agendas in the United States and Australia - Key philosophy becomes very obvious


In a roundtable discussion on education reform, Australian Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard outlined the similarities between the reform agendas in the United States and Australia.


"Gillard.. (emphasized) ..the fact that their success with creating a national curriculum has largely been the result of effective political maneuvering, including finding the right leader for the effort, beginning the process during the new government’s honeymoon period, and relying on a collaborative, representative, and data-driven approach. She also emphasized that the process is moving slowly and deliberatively enough that by the time the full curriculum is released, the stakeholders will have been involved so significantly and for so much of the process that they will see the actual curriculum as a foregone conclusion."


Concerning considering her further remarks that ".. the U.S. is moving slowly, and with significant opposition, towards the mere possibility of voluntary national standards, while Australia is embracing a full national curriculum."


Gillards prepared remarks - http://www.brookings.edu/~/media/Files/events/2009/0619_australian_education/0619_education_gillard.pdf



22 June 2009 -  Building rush hurts schools (Canberra Times) - Gillard under pressure on standardised testing

..As the financial pressures mount, Gillard can expect increased questioning of her decision to impose narrowly based tests of student performance. Last week, a leading advocate of encouraging creativity among children Sir Ken Robinson told the ABC’s 7.30 Report the repetitive testing of knowledge in narrow subjects was a “blight” on schools. Gillard copied this sort of testing from the US and the UK. More parents might share Robinson’s views once they realise that neither of these countries rank highly in international comparisons of educational achievement.


17 June 2009 - Sir Ken Robinson, UK education expert, Critical of Standardised Testing (ABC 7:30 Report - WebVideo) - Video One, Video Two

3 March 2009 - How teachers lost their autonomy (National Curriculum - The UK experience)

10 November 2008 - National curriculum 'must be flexible'

27 November 2008 - Senate Report into Schools Assistance Bill confirms schools' fears

for more stories see Media Articles


Research Papers & Articles

     for more papers see Research Papers and Articles


Things you can do now

  • Help expand this resource, find relevant papers & articles on the web and elsewhere and post here to enhance this reference.
  • Join the Facebook groups 'Waldorf Parents Unite' and 'Waldorf Steiner Parents of Australia' invite other parents to join (help bring us togther)
  • Make a personal comment on the Coalition's 'Education for Australia' website (which is for people to raise concerns over the 'Education Revolution')
  • Determine to keep informed on this issue throughout 2009
  • Tell other people about this issue and refer them to this website
  • Join a parent group which is taking action on this issue, or start one at your school


What is a wiki? 

This site has been created as what is called a 'wiki' (a hawaiian word for quick) which means that every page can be edited by members, you just press edit at the top of each page. You are encouraged to change and enhance and update any information on this site. Infact that is how wiki's expand and grow.


Please watch this short video on what a wiki is and how to use this site.


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As a wiki site, every page has an edit button at the top .

This is a real workspace!  Please edit this page, create new pages, and invite others to use the workspace with you.


Practice editing without fear in the Sandbox.


Get Great Ideas!

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pglasby@adam.com.au said

at 7:42 am on Jun 17, 2009

Great work Richie! So when I get a moment I will start adding documents.

Nick Humphris said

at 10:07 pm on Jun 21, 2009

Takes forever to run the wiki on dialup will it be the same if I use it to edit

Richie Khoo said

at 12:17 pm on Jun 22, 2009

Hi Nick. That's not so good. I will contact pbworks and see what they have to say re slow connections.

Nick Humphris said

at 10:38 pm on Jun 22, 2009

As Ana said tonight I can be the test case for dialup when I get home b4 bedtime ( which will be Thursday ) I will try to run it again and try to add my submission to NCB (If I can find it!!!!!!!!!!)

Nick Humphris said

at 8:24 pm on Jun 28, 2009

Hi Richie - Every thing is fine now I"ve got past the video perhaps a word list of instructions would be a good idea if there's anyone else out there on dialup I've added 2 files already including a reply to a letter to Julia Gillard

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